Peter J. Vagt is an environmental scientist and a landscape photographer. For more than 20 years, Peter found his landscape muse at The Morton Arboretum, a 1700-acre museum of trees in the western suburbs of Chicago. An admirer of Claude Monet’s willingness to go local and go small in his Giverny-related landscapes, Peter’s patient photographic eye offers us the transcendent beauty he finds, in simple tree scenes and along the shore of a small pond or on the bank of a small stream. It is tempting to think that we need grand landscapes like Yosemite or the Big Sur coast to experience nature. But these photos show us the beauty and wonder of nature are available to us on a walk in a Midwestern woodland or in a flourish of last year’s grass still standing on the edge of a prairie.

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Peter Vagt © 2022 
Nashville, Tennessee